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Pelican 2144 Replacement Bulb for Tracker

Pelican 2144 Replacement Bulb for Tracker

Производитель: Pelican
SKU: PLN2144
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You just set up your equipment for the first night dive of your vacation in Saint Somewhere, as you turn on your dive light to checkyour gauges the light beam fades. The worst thing that could happen before a night dive just did! Your dive light bulb is dead. Never leave for your holiday without some spare bulbs. Always have a spare Xenon Replacement Bulb for your Tracker Lite. The PelicanTracker 2144 Xenon Lamp Module fits Pelican Tracker Flashlight 2140, and features the Pelican laser spot Xenon pre-focused beam, which produces a very clean, even white beam on your target, surpassing that of lesser flashlights which can leave shadows and dark spots. And because it is pre-focused, there is no fumbling to find the right focus - the Pelican laser spot beam cuts through fog, rain, smoke, haze and even murky water to deliver a high-quality beam every time. Fits Pelican Flashlights: Tracker 2140
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