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JW Fisher
J.W. Fisher's Side Scan Sonar

J.W. Fisher's Side Scan Sonar

Производитель: JW Fisher
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Side scan sonar is one of the most effective tools for underwater exploration because it can search a large area quickly and produce a detailed picture of anything on the bottom, regardless of water clarity. When looking at a side scanimage it appears as if the water has been removed and the operator is getting anunobstructed view of the ocean floor, a lake bottom or river bed. High resolution images are sent from the tow fish to a topside computer (included with the system) for display and storage. An optional Splash-proof computer is available for small, open boat operations. Fishers SONAR VIEW software gives theoperator complete control over the systems operating parameters. Choose between 10 different scan ranges and 8 color schemes to display images. Connect a GPS and position coordinates are automatically captured with the side scan data. Click the mouse on a target and the, and position coordinates are displayed on the screen. All of Fishers economical side scan sonar's come with a 500' (152.4 meters) depth rated tow fish, 150' (43.75 meters) of cable, a 15.4" (39 cm) wide screen laptop computer and Fishers SONAR VIEW software. The computer displays a real time color image of the ocean floor. The screen is split down with the middle with the right side showing the ocean bottom on the right side of the vessel, and the left side of the screen shows the ocean bottom on the left side of the vessel. The sonar displays up to 1,500' (457 meters) on each side of the tow fish, is easy to operate with user friendly controls. The SONAR VIEW software gives the side scan operator complete control of all system functions with easy to use pull-down menus and icons on the screen. The operator can change colors, ranges, amplifier gain, and other controls with a click of the mouse. With the computer, side scan images can be stored in memory for playback and post processing at any time in the future. Small file sections including screen shots can be copied for emailing. A GPS system can also be connected to the computer to capture position coordinates with the side scan data. Once GPS is connected the mouse cursor can be placed on any on screen object and its position coordinates will be displayed. Sonar files can be storedon the computer's hard drive or to DVD. The Fisher System is covered by a two year warranty.
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