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S3 5000 Watertight Case (No Foam)

S3 5000 Watertight Case (No Foam)

Производитель: Otter
SKU: S350
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The 5000 is one of S3's most versatile cases. It is incredibly rugged and has the capacity for a number of items. The case comes standard with a purge knob. The pressure relief valve allows for equalization of the inside pressure during elevation changes. This case can also be customized with a panel mount kit to keep internal electronics from becoming exposed. And this case that comes with compound latches for ease of opening Applications: Binoculars Handheld Electronics Med Kit Scientific Equipment Two Way Radio Video Camera Depth Rating: 3 Feet for 30 Minutes* *S3 Cases are not intended to be submerged on a regular basis. The S3 lifetime warranty does not warrant case contents. Cases should be tested prior to submersion. Temperature Range: -30 F to 175 F
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