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PADI #70153 Enriched Air Diver Specialty Manual with tables (Imperial)

PADI #70153 Enriched Air Diver Specialty Manual with tables (Imperial)

Производитель: PADI
SKU: PDI70153
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Once you are a certified diver you soon realize that you would like to spend longer periods of time on dives, but you are restrictedby the air you are breathing. Enriched Air Diving is the first step in the direction of longer and safer bottom times with shorter surface intervals between each dive. Join the many divers who have switched to a better breathing medium with a PADI Enriched Air Diving Course. This manual will give you the required knowledge to complete the entry level course and become a more efficient diverwho can now make dives not available to your air diving counter parts. Enriched Air Manual includes the special dive tables to complete enriched air dives.

Pack includes:
<ul><li> Enriched Air student manual </li><li> One each of the 32%, 36% and O2 Equivalent tables (Imperial). </li></ul>
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