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Ikelite PRO/SpD CHARGER for SpD Lite and Pro Video-Lite 3

Ikelite PRO/SpD CHARGER for SpD Lite and Pro Video-Lite 3

Производитель: Ikelite
SKU: 1403.4
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The Ikelite Pro/SpD Charger is ideal for the traveling underwater photographer. Auto-ranging input allows the charger to work in anycountry whose electrical system falls within a 100V-240V range. <br><br> AC adapters for the following regions are included, USA, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia. <br><br> The Pro/SpD Charger is configured to charge both Ni-cad and NiMH battery packs. The charger showcases the latest pulse charge technology, this feature conditions cells over time, resulting in longer battery life. Its "trickle" charge mode helps maintain a pack's charge without danger of overheating. In addition, this charger is less likely to fail when used with poorly regulated power sources. <br><br> The Pro/SpD Charger weighs only 12 ounces. The LED light on its front indicates when the unit is powered on and the current state ofcharge. The #1403.4 Pro/SpD Charger is only compatible with the SpD Lite and Pro Video Lite battery packs. <br><br> The Pro/SpD Charger completely charges the battery pack in five hours. <br><br>
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