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JW Fisher
J.W.Fisher Underwater Light DHL-1

J.W.Fisher Underwater Light DHL-1

Производитель: JW Fisher
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Fishers diver held underwater lighting systems for commercial applications. JW Fishers underwater light systems are ideal for any of the numerous underwaterstructure inspections encountered by today's commercial diver. These surface powered lights supply continuous lighting for extended underwater operations. The DHL-1 Diver Held Light system was designed for divers that want hands-on control of their lighting. Two light housings are mounted to a solid grip handleletting the diver control the direction of the light beam and the distance to the lighted object. The DHL-1 provides concentrated underwater lighting for jobs in depths up to 1000' (305 meters). The light is available with high intensity 100 or 250watt bulbs. These lighting systems can be powered by a small generator or by battery (with inverter). The light housing is constructed of high-impact, corrosion proof epoxy and urethane for years of trouble free performance. The light has slightly negative buoyancy and weighs only ounces in the water. The light beam is provided by powerful tungsten halogen lamps. Fishers unique water cooled design of the lights ensure long bulb life. Each system comes standard with an abrasion resistant 150' (45.75 meters) cable and underwater connector at the light. The DHL-1 system is powered by 120 Volts AC. A ground fault circuit is provided at the surface for diver safety. Options include: 12 Volt DC (inverter), 220 Volt AC (transformer), up to 1000' (305 meters) of cable, 250 watt bulbs, and spares kits.
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