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Ikelite 100/240V Smart Charger, with USA , UK , Euro , Australian. Plugs

Ikelite 100/240V Smart Charger, with USA , UK , Euro , Australian. Plugs

Производитель: Ikelite
SKU: 4066.1
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This new charger features the latest negative delta-v pulse charge technology toprovide more complete charging while keeping the batteries cool for longer battery life. It also conditions the cells and usually provides more flashes percharge. <br><br> Auto-ranging input allows it to operate anywhere with 100-240 volt supply makingit ideal for the traveling diver, and this charger is less likely to fail when used with poorly regulated power sources. <br><br> The charger measures 3" x 5" x 1.625" and weighs only 1.3 pounds complete with cords. Two LED indicators show continuity and state of charge. <br><br> The charger plugs directly into the SubStrobe 125 and SubStrobe 200 ni-cad packs. The 125 charges completely in 1.5 hours; the 200 in 2.5 hours. The Substrobe 150, 225, 300 and 400 packs require #4063.51 adapter and charge in 5 hours. <br><br> Video-Lite 45 and Modular Super Lite ni-cad packs are now supplied with a second socket to accept the Smart Charger. <br><br> The charger is configured to charge packs of SIX ni-cad "C" or "D" cells only. It can be used on our Super C-Lite HRechargeable, andit can be used with the Sea & Sea 300 strobe. It could be used on a SB-104, but our plug is not compatible. It is not adaptable to four-cell packs, but can be used with our rechargeable RCD Lite and the optional ni-cad packs for our Substrobe Ai and Substrobe 100a because of the special diode configuration in these packs.
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