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S3 T3500 Watertight Case

Производитель: Otter
SKU: S3T35
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The T3500 has the same footprint at the T3000 but it's deeper by two inches. It's used in numerous applications such as a dry box on a fishing vessel or as asafety stash for valuables. Our customers have even attached magnets or suction devices to these particular cases to make them even more versatile Applications: Batteries Camera Cash Cell Phone Checkbook Electronic Car Keys Film First Aid Supplies Glasses Gps Handheld Computer Handheld Gaming Jewelry Medicine Mp3 Player Passport Pda Prescription Drug Vials Psp Two Way Radio Wallet Depth Rating: 80 Feet for 30 Minutes* *S3 Cases are not intended to be submerged on a regular basis. The S3 lifetime warranty does not warrant case contents. Cases should be tested prior to submersion.
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