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Mares Head Semi-Dry Snorkel

Производитель: Mares
Снято с производства
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The Mares Head Semi Dry has a clear flex tube and mouthpiece. The angled mouthpiece fits comfortably in your mouth and the ergonomically curved tube reduces drag for hours of snorkeling fun. The Semi Dry top greatly reduces water from entering at the surface and allows unrestricted breathing. The mouthpiece is also replaceable and can be removed easily when replacement is necessary.

The smooth internal bore flexible lower tube won't trap residual water and makes the Mares Head Semi Dry perfect for Scuba by automatically swing out of the way when you are using your Scuba regulator. The deep reservoir lower mouthpiece section with its one-way purge valve makes clearing the snorkel quick and easy once you surface from a dive. The adjustable mask strap retainer clip will keep your snorkel perfectly adjusted and ready for use. Once you have completed your dive it also makes removal from the mask easy. Snorkel comes in two colors with a 24 month limited warranty.
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