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Pelican Pick N Pluck Sections Only (set of 2)For 1560 Case

Производитель: Pelican
SKU: PL1562
В Корзину
You may have purchased the PL1560 series case and now you want to add Pick N Pluck foam, your foam is either warn, dirty or you want to have different custominserts depending on what you want to place in the case. You may have a PL1560NFor PL1564 case and want to convert it with foam. Whatever the reason custom fit your stowage of equipment for maximum protection with the Pick N Pluck Foam 2 piece set. Set will convert or restore your ability to add ultimate protection for the equipment you stow in your Pelican PL1560 Series Case. Pick N Pluck foam is pre-perforated in small cubes for easy removal of foam and allows easy shaping of foam for custom sizing around all types of items. Two piece foam set consistsof two Pick N Pluck foam section. Fits Pelican Cases: PL1560 Case PL1560NF PL1564
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