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Pelican Replacement Foam 6 Piece Set for 1440 Case

Pelican Replacement Foam 6 Piece Set for 1440 Case

Производитель: Pelican
SKU: PL1441
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You may have purchased the PL1440NF and now realize the added benefit of protective foam, or you foam is warn and dirty and it's time to replace it, whatever the reason custom fit your stowage of equipment for maximum protection with the Pick"N" Pluck Foam 6 piece set will convert or restore your ability to add ultimate protection for the equipment you stow in your Pelican PL1440 Case. Pick 'N' Pluck foam is pre-perforated in small cubes for easy removal of foam and allows easy shaping of foam for custom sizing around all types of items. Six piece foam set consists of one "egg crate" foam upper section, four Pick 'N' Pluck foam section and one 1.0" blank bottom foam section. Fits Pelican Cases: 1440 Top Loader Case 1440NF Top Loader Case 1444 Top Loader Case with Utility Padded Divider Set & Lid Organizer 1447 Top Loader Case with Padded Office Divider Set & Lid Organizer
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