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Mares Cold Water Dry kit for MR22, MR 32, MR12 & MR16 1st Stages

Mares Cold Water Dry kit for MR22, MR 32, MR12 & MR16 1st Stages

Производитель: Mares
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Mares diaphragm first stages are ideal for cold water diving because the moving parts do not come into contact with the water. For diving in especially cold water, it is advisable to equip the Mares first stage with the CWD (Cold Water Diving) kit. The CWD kit is a device that completely insulates all parts of the first stage from direct contact with water. The main spring is completely immersed in silicone oil, isolating it from the outside environment and protecting it against the formation of ice crystals. The CWD kit diaphragm, made of specially selected materials, encloses the silicone oil and conveys variations of ambient pressure due to changes in depth to the main diaphragm. The complete absence of internal air bubbles offers maximum sensitivity to changes in environmental pressure, ensuring faster and more precise regulation of intermediate pressure than other systems. Manufactures from marine grade chrome plated brass and comes with all components and silicone required for installation. Like all Mares regulators and regulator components it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
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