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XS Scuba
Xs Scuba PonyPac Harness

Xs Scuba PonyPac Harness

Производитель: XS Scuba
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Great devise for the boat, beach dives, swimming pool maintenance, or ocean kayaking, the XS Scuba's PonyPac Harness is one versatile harness. You're out boating and the anchor gets snagged, just roll over the side with this lightweight and easy to handle PonyPac and un-snag you're anchor. Want to do a short beach dive without all that extra weight of a large cylinder, work on the drain, pool light, or filter outlet in the pool, or maybe you see something interesting on the bottom while out on your ocean kayak, whatever your it maybe when you need a lightweight easy to use cylinder harness the PonyPac is what youare looking for. <br><br> The PonyPac is a comfortable harness design to carry a pony cylinder. It fits 13 to 40 cu ft cylinders. Harness is equipped with two-way adjustable sternum strap, dual-cam strap attachment, neoprene neck collar and back pad for added comfort, and has two trim weight pockets that hold up to 5 lbs each. If you want to change the PonyPac into a Travel BCD See SKU: XSSCB Xs Scuba Companion 30 lb.Bladder
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