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Otter Water Tight Box # 3510 Series, with Pick and pluck foam

Otter Water Tight Box # 3510 Series, with Pick and pluck foam

Производитель: Otter
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The Otter Box 3510 (this waterproof case is the same as the Otter Box 3500, but with "Pick-N-Pluck" foam included). The Otter Box 3510 Series case is waterproof, crushproof AND watertight. These cases are perfect for protecting your valuables from the elements, whatever they may be. The Otter Box 3510 offers watertight protection and storage for pagers, car keys, film, batteries, credit cards, wallets, cell phones, GPS, hand held PC's, cameras, Game Boy, and so much more. The Otter Box is a patented dry box designed to handle full submersions--up to 100 feet! The solid color boxes provide nearly 100% UV protection. The main case seal is made from a foamed silicone cord. The plastic used to make the colored Otter Boxes is an ABS plastic that's reinforced with fiberglass. The hinge pins are made from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel which is the standard choice for salt and freshwater applications. The material used to make the foam liners is open cell polypropylene foam. The 3510 foam kit is made of two pieces, a large piece of pick-and-pluck foam that is designed to allow the customer to customize the foam to specifically fit an object of the customer's choosing. There is also a thinner layer of foam that is just intended to be a protective layer at the bottom of the case.
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