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JW Fisher
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J.W. Fisher Deep Dive Wing

Производитель: JW Fisher
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Fisher's depressor wing for deep water towing. JW Fishers DDW-1 Deep Dive Wing is a low cost depressor wing designed to tow instrument packages at deeper depths. Operating on the principle of hydrodynamic depression rather than just weight, depressor wings overcome the limitations of conventional downrigger systems. The DDW-1 Deep Dive Wing provides a stable platform for towing instrument packages to greater depths with less cable being deployed. The design of DDW-1 creates a significant downward force that overcomes drag and pulls the tow cable downward as the wing moves through the water. The "dive angle" is determined by the position of the tow point on the wing which is operator adjustable. Larger instrument packages have more drag and require a greater dive angle. Changing the tow point allows different size instrument packages to be towed to the required depth. The DDW-1 can be used to tow instruments such as side scan sonar's, towed video systems, marine magnetometers, and towed underwater metal detectors. The DDW-1 can tow magnetometers because it does not have ferrous metals in its construction and therefore has no magnetic signature. The wing can also tow custom underwater housings containing specialized instruments. J.W.Fishers offers a line of low cost underwater housings that can be towed by the DDW-1. The housings range from basic cylindrical tubes with a tow point in the nose to be more elaborate configurations with tow arms and fins for stability. The approximate internal diameter of the housings is: 2", 3", 4", and 6"(51 mm, 76 mm, 102 mm and 152 mm). Their length can be 1 to 5' (0.31 meters to 1.5 meters). The rear of the housing has an o-ring sealed, clear Plexiglas faceplatethat can be drilled and tapped for feed through fittings. Standard operating depth is 500' (152 meters) deep. Optional 1,000' (305 meters) depth rated housings are available The DDW-1 and underwater housings are constructed of corrosion proof PVC, urethane, and stainless steel for many years of trouble free operation. Both theDDW-1 and underwater housings are covered by a full TWO YEAR WARRANTY.
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